Giving Back

Posted in Blogroll by projectdp on June 7, 2013

I just wanted to give back to some of the other people who have linked to my blog!

Here are the top links from referring domains:

Most hits are from forums here:

  • Woah pretty cool, someone completed this on a forum in China!

Then we have a bunch of blogs — which I think are the best!:

  • This one is from a blogger, what a cool site! Thank you Pepijn de Vos. Here’s his domain:

  • Hi Furstrated IT Engineer! Thanks for the post about me last year! You run a great tech blog. Lots of Pi info and general technology all around. Here’s his blog:

  • This one was so cool to me, first guy outside of the US to link back and show that he has finished his own Pi project with the Kindle.  Thank you hankjin from Wuhan city, Hubei province, China.
  • Looks like hankjin has another mirror on a small page here:

  • This one is fairly recent, but I was happy to see my link on his WiKiPi blog page for his great project! Jay Zehngebot is the name in those parts!

  • Hello Dianne Gorman! Looks like Dianne has trackbacks to people who link to her page. That’s awesome — I might need to do the same. Here’s Dianne’s blog:
  • This is the great resource of keyboard shortcuts that I listed in my Pi k3w post.

  • dmpop had a link to my page saved at some point, from his domain. Looks like it is gone now. Either way Dmitri Popov has a great personal site that you can check out at the above link! Thanks dmpop!

Lastly check out the little graph below. SPOILERS! 🙂